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Your Easy Fall Cleaning Checklist

November 11, 2018
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Perhaps you moved into one of the Adel IA new homes this summer in order to make the most of enjoying your new property. Grilling outdoors, making friends with the neighbors, putting the finishing touches on your new home décor. All of that may have also resulted in certain high-traffic areas looking a little less shiny than when you moved in. With the arrival of fall, people spend more time in their homes, so it’s a good time to do some fall cleaning. These tips will keep you from getting overwhelmed in the process.

Bathrooms always need attention, but there are ways to work in a bit of maintenance every time you use a bathroom, especially at the end of the day. Make sure the counters are clean and if you have a lot of clutter, try to find some form of organizational container that can be stored away when not in use, or at least hold everything together in one place. Don’t forget to toss those empties that tend to pile up in corners, drawers, and cabinets. Keep a special scrubber in the shower so that you can wipe down the shower each time you use it. That will help reduce buildup. Finally, wipe down the sink area at the end of each evening.

The kitchen is the hub of many homes, which means it’s important to keep clean. Always wipe down countertops after any meal and try to clean up any major spills on the stovetop when they happen and then give the rest of the stovetop a good clean at least once a week to avoid greasy buildup. At the end of each day, or as part of dinner cleanup, give the sink a quick scrub and vacuum or sweep up crumbs on the floor. If you spot clean any spills each evening, then mopping won’t be such a big task each week.

In the living room, clutter has a tendency to grow. You might want to keep a basket in the room and during the commercial breaks, go through the room and toss into the basket anything that doesn’t belong: shoes, toys, books, junk mail, etc. It can then be put away at the end of the evening or during the next commercial break. Before turning in, have everyone do their bit to straighten up the pillows and neatly fold the blankets and take their own items with them. If the sofa is smelling a bit funky, try sprinkling baking soda over the surface and letting it sit overnight and then vacuuming it in the morning.

In your bedroom, dusting may be required more often with the windows closed up for the season. Dust bedside tables, bed frames, and other furniture as needed. You should also vacuum your mattress every time you change your sheets and rotate your mattress every two months to even out the wear.

Finally, don’t forget to prep your homes for the cold weather. With trees losing their leaves, now is the time to start thinking about cleaning out the gutters. If you used your fireplace last year, have your chimney and your furnace checked out before using to make sure everything is safe and in working order. You should also change your furnace filters every month, to keep your home more efficient and pleasant.

With all of these simple tasks that can be done in a few minutes each day, your Adel IA new homes will look their best and function as smoothly as the day they were purchased.

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